HCCI Facilities

HCCI Premises

New Headquarters

Responding to the increasing urgent needs of the various economic sectors,  HCCI constructed a new headquarters to meet the requirements of the various business sectors and to further services in an adequate way that guarantees the advancement of these sectors. The new building was designed around staff members and businesses needs as it will ensure maximum flexibility, so that working space can be configured to meet individual and collective needs.

The building is 7 stories tall:

• Garage I (up to twenty cars)
• Garage II (up to 17 cars)
• Ground floor: Reception, Public Services and the Permanent Exhibition.
• First floor: Conference Room and the Cafeteria.
• Second floor: Office of the Board of Directors and staff offices.
• Third floor: Department of Professional Training (Office, Training Room and the Computer Lab).
• Fourth Floor: Prayers Area and the Business Forum.

Aladel Street Building

This 3-floor building (in Aladel Street) is the former HCCI headquarters. The HCCI intends to use this building for an enterprise that serves businesses and manufacturers. 

Bab Al-Zawiya Building

This HCCI-owned building is a leased building. The HCCI use the lease returns for different purposes, including providing free community services.

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