Industrial Estate

The city of Hebron has always been a hub of the Palestinian manufacturing sector. Industries in Hebron have succeeded in keeping pace with technology, and now manufacturers of Hebron pride themselves in being the heart of economic development in Palestine, with 3,200 facilities that employ 28,000 of the workforce.  Hebron industries are of high quality, with some cutting-edge products that compete well with imported products. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Hebron's products in 2010 accounted for the largest share in the Palestinian exports (27%).

The key products manufactured in Hebron include metal, plastic, wood, stone, marble, textiles, traditional, glass, leather, chemical, construction, food, precious metals, paper and cardboard.

The industry sector in Hebron endures a number of perilous challenges, including the lack of political and economic stability. However, the most pressing challenge is the  inability of the industrial facilities to grow and increase their productivity.

The concentration of factories in urban areas might be hazardous and create urban pollution. In an attempt to minimize these problems, the HCCI held a series of meetings with concerned bodies in order to create an industrial park with all features of industrial zones such that all obstacles of contamination and congestion could be eliminated.

The HCCI is liaising with various agencies in the governorate (particularly local government bodies) to find an appropriate place and build the needed infrastructure.

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