Find Out About Membership

The HCCI Department of Membership is the most important division, and it is on hand to offer help and guidance. The main functions involve admitting and following-up with new entrepreneurs and businesses wishing to join the HCCI (and as such creating and keeping their profiles); updating data of formerly affiliated members; and providing other departments with members data in order to facilitate communication and invite them to participate in various activities organized by the departments. Department of Membership verifies the activity of newly-affiliated members and whether they really carry out business activities, and this is the basic requirement for joining the HCCI.

Business activities of affiliated members are classified under five customary economic sectors:

  • The trade sector (59% of the total members).
  • The industrial sector (15% of the total members).
  • The craft sector (17% of the total members).
  • The services sector (6% of the total members).
  • Contracting sector (3% of the total members).

Types of Membership (depending on the size of the business):

  • Premiere plus (8.8% of the total members).
  • Premium (32.7% of the total members).
  • First Class (30.8% of the total members).
  • Second Class (24.5% of the total members).
  • Third Class (3.2% of the total members).

The fees the members pay are the main source of funding the HCCI operations, activities and events. That is why HCCI offers its members exclusive services and meeting lounges that provide comfort and space.

Discounts and privileges HCCI members are entitled to:

First: Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages relies on the value of an ad in determining the discount rate. The Table below shows the discount rate when an HCCI member advertises in Yellow Pages:

Ad value


up to $ 900


from $ 901 up to $ 2100


above $ 2100


Second: Mövenpick Hotel Ramallah

Mövenpick Hotel provides some privileges to HCCI members (with rates lower than official prices). A flat rate discount, as well as other benefits, are offered for catering services, as shown below:

Third: FedEx

FedEx has set fixed prices for domestic mail and mail to Israel, but it offers fixed discount rates for international mail shipments. It also offers a distinct set of special services. The table below outlines the fixed pricing and other benefits both HCCI and FedEx agreed upon:

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