Lobbying, Advocacy and Studies

Our vision is to position Hebron as a hub of economic activity, providing leadership and catalyzing  the advancement of the economic prosperity. To materialize this vision and to realize the mission and the strategic goals (one of which is advocating the interests of members and levering the business climate), Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry set up a 'lobbying, advocacy and studies' unit with an eye to organize efforts and create economic lobbying bodies that defend a number of correlated issues. To do this, HCCI sorts out priorities with the aim of boosting the business environment and advancing constructive criticism of laws and policies building on two sources: scientific research and analyses of the policies, strategic orientations and economic status.

The scope of the Unit includes, but not limited to, the following:

1. Education and counseling.
2. Networking and public relations.
3. Creating groups and partnerships.
4. Building a campaign team with the required committees.
5. Crafting a strategy and an action plan.
6. Media coverage.
7. Formative evaluation and self-censorship

Studies that HCCI conducted in 2011

Support and communication