Discussing Ways to Reserve Wadi Quf Protected Area

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HCCI hosted the meeting between Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Tourism and other related parties to discuss the ways of protecting the natural area "Wadi Quf".

HCCI's vice chairman Mr. Abdulhaleem Tamimi talked about the importance of this meeting to keep the natural green areas safe and protect them for the next generations.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Mr. Ali Abu Sroor assured the importance of this meeting for setting up practical procedures for protecting natural reserves and green area.

HCCI's Ceo Eng. Tareq Tamimi said that those areas are very important for the local tourism and can be useful for energizing the tourism between different governorates. He added: many groups of youth started to organize environmental tours in different areas as a part of the environmental and sport activities in Palestine.

It is important to mention that Israel controls the area "C" of the West Bank and prohibit the Palestinians from investing those areas in any way. Israel also applies military orders to close many of those areas claiming they are close to settlements and should be closed permanently.

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