The Hebron Chamber of Commerce & Industry traces its roots back to 1953. Initially formed to foster commerce by paving and improving business avenues, the HCCI has grown over decades and expanded the scope of its business and social projects. Today, the HCCI prides itself on being one of the pioneering bodies, not only in Palestine, but in the Arab region, as well.

The current administrative board has soon pledged and focused its energy towards first helping affiliated members in various industrial and commercial areas, and second contributing to building a Palestinian healthy, robust economy.

HCCI is a collaborative of business and community leaders dedicated to securing and enhancing the economic vitality of the governorate of Hebron. In order to be able to realize its goals, the HCCI would conceptualize creative plans and draft adequate policies. To this end, HCCI established different administrative units and departments that are tasked with building a positive business climate to meet current and future needs and support balanced economic development and growth, as well as actively working to reinforce Hebron governorate (and the Palestinian community at large) as a great place to live and work.

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