Lease of HCCI Meeting Rooms

The four meeting rooms in the HCCI can be rented for meetings, lectures, seminars, courses or training workshops in line with the HCCI vision and goals.

Conference RoomHCCI affiliated members can rent the Conference Room (for a discounted price) for working seminars, conferences and workshops that serve the economic sector in the governorate,  in conformity with HCCI vision and goals.
This room is equipped with: • A 180-seat stadium • A sophisticated sound system with wireless microphones. • A modern display system with LCD screens. • VIP Platform. • A cafeteria for rest and hospitality. • A central air conditioning system.

Businessmen RoomLocated on the 5th floor of the HCCI building, this room accommodates a hundred people. It is equipped with a display system; and it is used for workshops and sectoral meetings.

The Main Training Room This room can accommodate seventy people. It is used for training purposes, and it can be used for small business meetings.

Computer LabThe Computer Laboratory (with a dome-shaped, glassy ceiling) is equipped with thirty computers and a smart board for display.  It is mainly used for training purposes. Local businessmen can also use the lab to keep themselves updated with certain information and international exhibitions.All of these facilities have a wireless Internet access.

Supervision: Financial Department Required Documents: • Identification (membership card, identity card, passport). • A lease application letter showing:

ü  The name of the applicant

ü  The nature of the activity (the purpose of the lease)

ü  The number of people present

ü  Date of booking

ü  Number of hours or days required.

HCCI Procedures • Filling in the application form • Submitting the application form before the HCCI President • Paying the fees. • Issuing a lease copy to the applicant • Providing the service.

Fees: Vary by room and time required.

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